Commercial Services

Jones Asphalt Services has over 20 years of experience performing a variety of commercial paving projects, including small company projects to larger endeavors requiring the technical expertise needed to work with company Engineers' specifications and working with blueprints.

Whether your project need is large or small, each one is important to us! We take pride in delivering the same quality workmanship and detailed attention to every aspect of each project that we complete. We also understand the importance of your budget requirements and strive to deliver an excellent job while working within your budget. 

So, whether you need parking lot repair or installation, striping or pavement markings, streets installed in subdivisions, small repairs or large projects...Contact us today for a free estimate!.  There is no obligation and you will be pleased with the professionalism and expertise that you are greeted with when you work with Jones Asphalt Services!


Asphalt Paving

We use the latest equipment and trained professionals to ensure that proper procedures are performed to ensure precise excavation, grading and water drainage issues are addressed.

Jones Asphalt Services has over 20 years of experience performing asphalt paving projects. Some of the projects that we've completed are:

•Parking Lots
•County Roads
•Subdivision Streets

Concrete Work

Contact Jones Asphalt Services for all of your concrete needs! Some of the projects that we've completed with 100% customer satisfaction are:

Concrete Sidewalks
Concrete Dumpster Pads
Curb & Gutter
Retaining Walls
Concrete Footers

Seal Coating

Sealcoating is a protective coating and sealant that more than doubles the life of your asphalt. It protects your asphalt from the elements, extends the life of your driveway or parking lot and reduces the need for extensive repair in the future. It has the same principle that waxing your car or painting your house does. It protects from various possible damage due to the elements; ice, snow, sun. For pennies a square foot, you can protect your investment. Sealcoating protects against damaging breakdown due to oxidation, moisture and wear. It also beautifies, increasing the value of your property.

Jones Asphalt Services uses high grade sealcoating products and depending on the project, our professional technicians will apply this protective coating by spraying or brushing to provide the very best results that you'll be satisfied with! Sealcoating beautifies your pavement and also adds to the value of your property. 

Patch & Repair

It's important to maintain the condition of your asphalt driveway, parking lot or roadway. If not properly maintained, the passing of time can affect the appearance and durability of the asphalt, creating cracks, erosion, potholes and other issues. Damage from inclement weather, excessive traffic and other factors can create a real problem if not taken care of.

Jones Asphalt Services has the experience and professional expertise to patch and repair your driveway, parking lot or roadways. We will assess the damage and give you an honest consultation given with integrity and will advise you as to what the best, most cost effective solution for your needs are! We treat our customers like we want to be treated and will provide options that will assist you in making your decision regarding the best course of action to repair your driveway.

Water Drainage Solutions

Having Water Drainage Problems???

Jones Asphalt Services has the experience and professionalism to provide customized options and creative solutions to end your water drainage problems!